Star Cup 3


Season three of Star Cup was by the far the best tournament we have organised. This tournament was a level ahead of the competition, a jewel in our crown, so to speak. It was organised at K.L. Saini Ground, Mansarovar, in the end of December 2009 and it lasted till mid January 2010. Sixteen teams participated in this tournament, they were divided in two pools of 8 teams each. This tournament was also based on the knock-out format and it lasted for seven days. The major highlight of this tournament was the quality of cricket provided to the professional players of Rajasthan and a friendly and sportive environment to the corporate. Professional Umpires affiliated from JDCA were called in, and each team was provided a special kit including a coloured jersey. Our aim was to deliver that level of quality cricket which was never before, seen in the pink city and we are proud to say that we did just that.