About the Founder

Ankit Sharma

Once a Cricketer, Always a Cricketer. Ankit started out as a talented cricketer who unfortunately had to give up playing due to an injury. But his passion for the game and his heart did not let him pursue any profession which was remotely unrelated to Cricket.

In December 2008, he decided to use all his resources, his knowledge about game, and contribute his life for the cause of developing quality Cricket in Jaipur and promote young players. He founded Star Cricket Youth Club or SCYC with a focus to encourage the budding cricketers. He works hard to provide them a platform where their talents are noticed on a national level.

He is a marketing consultant with a speciality in ground development. He has organised numerous tournaments for the benefit of the game, both in association with other others organisations and alone with his dedicated team. Other than SCYC’s profile, Ankit has amassed a huge work profile of his own. He has worked in:

  • International Match between India and South Africa in 2010.
  • He has worked in International Match between India and New-Zealand in 2010.
  • IPL’s Second Edition in 2010.
  • IPL’s Third Edition in 2011.
  • IPL’s Fourth Edition as a Nodal Officer in 2012.
  • In 2012, He worked as Senior Partner with Stanford Sports Management & Consultancy.
  • In 2013, He worked as a Production Consultant for various events and weddings. He has also worked with various companies as a Sponsorship Marketing Consultant.

Apart from handling affairs and creating milestones at his own company, he is also working as a Director at one of the Jaipur’s foremost cricket leagues, i.e. Pink City Premier League Pvt. Ltd.