We started this journey at the Rajasthan University, Sports Complex, in December, 2008 with a vision to enhance the game and since then we have not stopped. With each tournament we have witnessed the passion, explored exciting avenues, and tried to live by the spirit of the sport. Our achievement and growth can be felt in the eyes of the cricketers who participate in our tournaments. We are proud to say that with each passing season of Star Cup we have developed a distinct quality which distinguishes us from the herd.

After more than seven years of experience in organising, consulting and managing numerous mass events and detailed research and reconnaissance, we have decided to revamp SCYC and give it a Pan India presence. We present to you Star Cup Reloaded.

This Franchise will constitute a series of tournaments at various locations. Starting with the city of Nizams, our intention is to create a unique form of Cricketing Experience for anyone who appreciates the sport and wishes to Re-Invent it with us. The first tournament of Star Cup Reloaded franchise will be called ‘Star Cup Reloaded, Hyderabad’ and will tentatively take place in the first quarter of 2016.

Our key focus is on achieving desired outcome by using target based effective marketing strategies to propagate the message fostered by Cricket. We intend to provide a healthy platform for recreation and fair competition followed by professional guidelines.