Star Cup Reloaded


Star Cricket Youth Club announced the launch of a new franchise of its flagship property called Star Cup Reloaded. SCYC’s President Ankit Sharma stated that with the launch of this franchise the cricketing scenario is bound to improve all over India. He added, “SCYC will make sure that every participating entity will witness International Cricketing Environment. The key focus of all the work SCYC has been doing for past 7 years has now entered a new phase which will boil down to a nationwide journey.

SCYC is planning to start this exploration with the State which is the second largest IT Hub in India i.e. Hyderabad. The Core committee has already appointed and deployed a team for general survey and reconnaissance, to check the feasibility of the tournament and status of the local cricketing environment and infrastructure. According to the Core Committee, Star Cup Reloaded will continue its journey throughout India at various States. A Source said, “Our intention is to create a legacy and also to bring together different cultures under one banner.”

The aim here is to boost friendly relations and create a healthy atmosphere for the Corporate. The upcoming tournament will prove suitable for brand management and promotion and will definitely improve the outreach of individuals. There are as usual a few surprises for cricket lovers, so we urge you to stay tuned for more information.

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